Gerente área Ingenriería de Diseño

Territory and Community Manager

The Territory and Community area provides an integrated service that addresses both the natural, environmental and planned characteristics of a given territory as well as social, productive and community interrelationships that develop in it.

It offers a territorial and socio—territorial analysis in determining matters at the time of installing a project, since the integrated analysis of the territory is a key component to greet the development of a new project or business. It also evaluates the Territorial Planning instruments within the concept of sustainability and development


Territory area develops the following services:

  • Diagnosis of different territorial alternatives for site location
  • Evaluation and strategic analysis of land and its territorial and social compatibility
  • Territorial management (link between conservation and development)
  • Business opportunity proposal and real estate investment strategies
  • Strategic Environmental Evaluation– EAE- Communal and intercommunal regulatory plans
  • DIA o EIA de PDUC – Conditional Urban Development Projects
  • DIA O EIA ZUC– Conditional Developable Areas
  • DIA o EIA de ZURC – Conditional Reconversion Urban Zones
  • Environmental Component of Urban Impact

These advisories are supported by thematic cartography, using multi-sectorial databases, SIG, aerial photography and georeferenced data, among others.

Within the area, the community reveals itself as a relevant agent when incorporating projects, considering that approval or rejection coming from the local population may guarantee, delay or stop the implementation of the project. The following services are offered regarding these issues:

  • Baselines for human environment and diagnosis
  • Impact on Human Environment Assessment (Art.7 RSEIA)
  • Anticipated Civic participation (PACA)
  • Formal civic participation Consulting (formal PAC)
  • Previous action and social conflict solution strategies
  • Social and Corporate responsibility
  • Plans for Community Relations
  • Plans for relations with Native Communities