Gerente Área de Sustentabilidad y Otras Consultorías

Gerente Área de Sustentabilidad y Otras Consultorías

The new area of sustainability supports the General Manager of companies and organizations on matters regarding planning, strategies development and the management of sustainability and Climatic change. The aim is to add value for organizations in the long term, helping them to face social and environment challenges according to national and international standards.

On the other hand, ORBE AMBIENTAL provides consulting for planning, designing and implementation of innovation and updating technology projects regarding Environment, besides restoration and environmental recovery, among others.

On the field of Engineering, ORBE CONSULTORES, provides the development of project engineering for complementing the investment initiatives of its customers, such as Solid and Liquid Waste treatment, lowering of atmospheric emissions, odor treatment, sewage systems, drinkable water, rain water management, tubing design, hydraulic works design, waste rooms design, among others.


The area of sustainability and other consultancies develops the following services:

  • Projects Engineering and Environment Permissions
  • Risk assessment and environmental contingencies in merging and acquisition processes (Due Diligence)
  • Process Structuring for the management and reporting of Sustainability indicators
  • Making of reports regarding sustainability
  • International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)
  • Social and Environment Risk Management and Suppliers Chain Analysis
  • Business strategies within specific social and environmental contexts, risk assessment and opportunities.
  • Designing of repairing measures and environmental sanitation of polluted areas
  • Planning and Designing for the Closing Down of tasks and projects
  • Assessment and designing of plans for Environmental Restoration
  • Carbon Footprint management ( emissions testing, reduction plans, compensations and consulting on certifications
  • Diagnosis, designing and project management for Energy Efficiency (Permits, modeling, special aspects)
  • Land-use Change. Environmental Compensation Plan